News about the Explorer format.


Winota, Tibalt’s Trickery Banned in Explorer

Wizards of the Coast’s Banned and Restricted announcement today included a ban of Winota, Joiner of Forces and Tibalt’s Trickery in Explorer. At the time of writing, Winota decks are holding up a 63% winrate in Bo3 and a 68% winrate and disproportionate play rate in Bo1. The decks were in S Tier on both the Bo1 and Bo3 Explorer tier lists on opening day, and would have remained in S Tier in tomorrow’s tier list update as well. Trickery decks were largely a nuisance in Bo1, as the “gambling” style of the deck was largely used to turbo-grind the ladder system on Arena.
Last One Standing

Introducing the Explorer Tier List

Today, we are proud to introduce our Explorer Tier Lists in both best-of-one and best-of-three formats. Our Explorer Tier List will be updated every Thursday morning Eastern US Standard Time and will be accompanied by an article like this one or a video (or both) explaining the placements and movements within the tier list. This contextual video or article will also begin accompanying our Pioneer Tier List starting this Tuesday, so keep a look out for that!
Bloodsoaked Champion

MTG Arena Premier Play

Amidst the announcement of Explorer, Wizards announced a restructuring of Arena competitive play that includes a de-emphasis of the ladder system in favor of events and an Arena Championship tournament similar to the new paper Pro Tour, here's how to qualify!
Midweek Magic - What Was Written

Introducing Explorer

If you are reading this, Wizards just announced a Pioneer analogue on Arena. Let's talk about how this website will handle covering that format!